Managing to lead?

“Managers watch over our numbers, our time and our results. Leaders watch over us”

Simon Sinek explains the difference between management and leadership with this quote.  If you have anyone who reports to you, then you are both a manager and a leader and that means that you need to spend time focusing on the results and your people.  There are a lot of leaders who are very diligent when it comes to numbers, time and results and are not so good with the leading part.

I would suggest that the relationship between managing and leading is 50/50, so half the time is spent managing and the other half leading.  Managing things is generally a comfortable space for most leaders as they have experience here (the numbers don’t ask questions), the leading aspect takes some out of their comfort zone as they have to work with people – and we all know that people can be unpredictable.

The very best thing you can do as a leader is to let your people know you care about them, show you understand them and always, always have their back.  If you do this in a genuine and consistent manner you will find that the management side of things will take care of itself.  

So instead of managing to be a great leader, lead to be a great manager.