Your opinion matters – share it

This poem was written by Matt Church and it is a great reminder of how important it is to stand up for what you believe in

Once you lived here

It’s easy to fit in, to play it safe – don’t.
It’s easy to listen to those who won’t.

It’s easy to stay quiet when you know you should speak.
It’s easy to criticise those at their peak.

It’s easy to follow when others create.
It’s easy to say ‘they were lucky’, not great.

The true way to express why you’re here and what matters
is to stand up and share your opinion on matters.

The road will be tough and they’ll tell you ‘you can’t’.
Your thoughts will be judged and often thrown out.

Sometimes you’ll create an idea that rocks.
Sometimes you’ll publish, to learn from the knocks.

Some days you’ll wonder ‘does anyone care?’
about the thoughts and creations you frequently share.

You’ll question whether you really have what it takes
and will seriously learn from some stupid mistakes.

With 7.4 billion people on the planet today
you’ll wonder does anyone care what you have to say.

Challenge yourself to grow more in a week
than someone ten years ago knew at their peak.

One thing’s for certain, you have to be you.
Stand up, speak out and say something true!

If you do, then know this about your new found career.
The world will remember that once you lived here.




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