“You get what you accept”

Do you know what is acceptable to you?  Do you have a line that separates acceptable from unacceptable?  Do you find yourself making excuses for other peoples’ behaviour, even though you feel the behaviour isn’t right?  Well, you get what you accept.

Look around you – what do you see?  Are you happy with your partner, children, work, friends, life in general?  Are there areas where you have settled for less than you want?  Do people continuously treat you in a way that makes you feel less than?  If your life looks like this, the first question to ask is:

“How much of this do I own?”

Have you accepted certain behaviour from people over time so that it has become acceptable?  If you have, make a list of what is and is not acceptable to you and let people know about it.  Stand up for you because you are worth it!

If you get what you accept, and if you only accept the very best, it stands to reason that is what you will get.

This post is dedicated to two of my beautiful friends, one for giving me the quote and the other for being brave and working hard to only accept the best.


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  1. Damon Klotz (@DamonKlotz)
    Jun 30, 2013 @ 23:04:51

    “We accept the love we think we deserve.”


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