Be nice to the creative genius

I recently watched The Social Network and it got me thinking…

You see, we talk a lot about being creative and innovative  and we always focus on the positive side of this behaviour – and there are a lot of positive aspects of creativity and innovation!  We rarely take the time to understand the other side of these qualities, the dark side of the creative genius.  The need to control, the absolute passion that can lead to zealotry and the belief that you know best, every time, all the time.

Think about people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg  and indeed any other creative genius, past or present  They have contributed to the world in ways that most of us can only dream about and the reason we can only dream about it is because we will never contribute in that way.  The creative genius is special and they are not subject to the same set of behavioural rules that we are.  They’ve earned the right to not play nice.

The irony is that if we expect the creative genius to have well developed social skills and to be nice and kind to people then we must also understand that we are asking them to be something that they are not.

Think about this –  when you go to buy your Apple product, or log onto Facebook or take a flight with Virgin, do you think about the personality of the person who invented these things?  No, you don’t really care about that, you want to experience the product because the product speaks for itself.

Let’s spend our time enjoying the contributions these people have made to our world, instead of suggesting that their interpersonal flaws are in some weird, karmic way responsible for their downfall.

For more information on the dark side of creativity, click here.


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