Laughter – best medicine or…

My ten year old daughter got her first school detention on Friday.  The reason?  Laughing in class.  That’s right, she laughed out loud, was asked to stop and couldn’t so she got a detention.  Detention means 15 minutes of play time spent in the “thinking” room, thinking about the perils of laughing in class

This is my daughter’s 5th year in school and to my knowledge, she has never been in trouble for laughing in class before, although I am certain she has a history of laughing as she tends to see the humour in certain situations.  I wonder if teachers are aware of the power they have in the classroom, of their ability to either take the children on a journey or suck the life out of them, depending on how they see the world

Parents have the same power, so do leaders in organisations.  If you are a parent, leader or teacher, take a look at your children, team, classroom and remember that you set the tone. Will you take your people on a journey or suck the life out of them?   It’s a really, really big responsibility that you have.

How did I react when my daughter told me about her detention?  I laughed…


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  1. andrea
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 08:32:49

    Laughter is the best medice for illness, stress, and all sorts


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