My recruitment angel

I finally found her after almost 6 months of searching.  I didn’t do it alone though, I had help as recruitment angels are very, very hard to locate on your own.  I was fortunate to get her details from a close friend who knows her and recognises how special she is.

I knew immediately after I made the first email contact with her that she was the real deal.  She responded quickly and suggested that although the company had no relevant roles at the time, she would keep me in mind if anything came up.  Aha, I thought, I have heard this many times before and I know I will never hear from you again.

WRONG!!  My recruitment angel did get back in touch with me and gave me details of a role that she thought might be suitable.  Here’s where she spread her angel wings and showed me how fabulous she is.

I got the interview, exact details of where to go and where to park (with options!).  I got post interview feedback the next day (unheard of!) and I got further opportunity to discuss the role, clarify my application and, within a week, I had the role.

So what made her my recruitment angel?

1.  A genuine and caring approach – a real person

2. Regular communication via email and phone

3. Promises were kept – honest and open

4. I was made to feel special, my skills and experience were valued

5. I was treated like a human being

I’m looking forward to meeting my recruitment angel face to face next week so I can give her a huge hug and say a very heartfelt “thank you”.



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Damon Klotz
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 02:53:36

    Good comes to those who wait. Congratulations Judy.


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