Action and reaction

My Twitter account (and subsequently my LinkedIn account) was hacked this week.  This is the first time this has happened to me and I was alerted initially by a good friend.  It didn’t take long to fix the issue and let my connections know that it wasn’t me who had sent the nasty message to them.

After it was all over, I couldn’t help thinking how the hacker had wasted his/her skill.  I have admiration for hackers as you have to be smart to hack into someone’s account but when they use their skills to spread pain instead of delight then I’m not so impressed.

Imagine if the hacker had accessed my account and sent all my contacts a message telling them how wonderful they were?  That would be such a valuable use of their skill.  It’s like graffiti artists, if they spent more time using surfaces that were made for art instead of spraying on buildings and other illegal surfaces wouldn’t we focus on their art rather than the illegal nature of their creativity?

Every action has a reaction.  If you want reactions to your skills and behaviour to be positive then think about what your actions are really saying.  Otherwise no one remembers that you have any skill, they just walk away thinking you are an idiot…


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  1. Vicki
    Feb 03, 2012 @ 09:48:12

    Perfectly put, nothing more to be said.


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