My story is a chair

I recently attended a session on resilience at the Relaxation Centre here in Brisbane.   The session was presented by Kris Hines and I would love to share one of my key take aways with you…

As you would know, we all bring our “story” to every interaction we have.  Our story consists of each experience we have had up to the present moment and how that experience has impacted on our life.  It is like the filter through which we interpret and then react to events in our life. In this way,  you can consider your story to be like a chair that you carry around in front of you.  This chair stands between you and any event you experience.

The issue with the chair is that sometimes it gets heavy and it can be painful to carry around with you.  It might even be so heavy that you cannot focus and see what is really happening around you.  The good news is that you can put the chair down every once in a while and take a break, relax and see the world from a new perspective.

If your chair is getting heavy why not put it down beside you for a while and see what a difference it makes.  Give it a go when you next feel that you have been judged or treated poorly.  With your chair (story) beside you it may be that you see things differently and that things are not really as bad as they seem.

On a side note

My chair at the moment is like on of those post war lounge suites with the chunky back and arms!  I’m practicing putting it to one side to give myself a break and to experience things with a new clarity…



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