I’m right…You’re wrong

I learnt two new lessons this week.  One of them brought me great joy and the other…not so much.

The joyous lesson I learnt from the wonderful Rachel Collis.  Rachel is the most mindful, thoughtful, supportive person I know.  I’d like to share this lesson with you now.

So that you get the maximum impact from what Rachel showed me I’d like to ask you to get a piece of A4 or A5 paper and a pen.

OK, now that you have the tools you need, follow the instructions below…

1.   On one side of the paper write the words “I’m right”

2.  On the other side of the same sheet of paper write the words “You’re wrong”

3.  Imagine you are having a conversation with a person who is sitting opposite you

4.  The conversation is one where you believe your opinion/idea/decision is the right one

5.  Hold the piece of paper with the words “I’m right” close to your face

6.  When you do this, what does the other person see?

When you hold so tightly to the thought that you are right then all the other person sees/hears is that you think they are wrong.  You can imagine how this impacts on your own level of influence in conversation.

Why not place the piece of paper with the words “I’m right” on the table in front of you and have the conversation?  You can still believe you are right but with this approach the other person does not feel you are saying they are wrong.

I found this really powerful both personally and professionally.  A huge thank you to Rachel for sharing this with me and supporting me in my continual development on the path to become a better human being.


If you are wondering what the other not so joyous lesson I learnt was…you’ll have to wait until I write my next post!



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