Are you “in” or “on”?

I’m a big picture girl.  I like to talk about possibilities and explore options.  For me, a great and inspiring conversation takes place when you take a bird’s-eye view.  In effect, you are working ‘on’ the process when you approach it this way.  You can see the whole process from this view and it’s easy to identify where things may not be working.

I have to admit that is really hard for me to be involved in a conversation that focuses on the detail.  I’m not a detail person, details bore me, details get in the way of exploration and possibilities.  I know we need the details to make things work and I appreciate that for some, details are everything.  Detail people love to work “in” the process.  Sometimes they are so busy focusing on one tiny aspect that they forget about the bigger picture and lose track of where they are going.

I used to be a details person until I met someone who suggested that I look up!  When I did look up I found that there was an enormous amount of information and possibility that I had been missing.  One of my heros Ben Zander talks about the downward spiral where you get so bogged down in the detail that you end up digging a deep hole for yourself.  In order to radiate possibility you have to look up and out to see the options that are available.

For me, life is so much more fun working “on” the process and more people notice you if you are looking up!

Have you looked up today?

What gets you in a downward spiral?

How can you radiate possibility?



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  1. jaswrites
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 04:29:45

    Sometimes, considering the whole yields productive data more than the fine details.


  2. Vicki
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 04:48:44

    What gets me on the downward spiral are people I work with insisiting I look at the detail, and making a big deal if I miss a small detail. I often look and see the bigger picture and have to pretend I am looking at the details. When I create clothes I look at the details, only the ones that will add to the whole garment, image or look. If they aren’t going to add or detract then I don’t bother with them. I get bored, and my time is too precious.


  3. Andrea
    Mar 06, 2011 @ 05:27:53

    Im with you Judy.
    Big picture!!!!! Details annoy me.
    But if its something i really really want then i will spend more time on the details. Lyndon is a detailed guy, so we compliment eachother, but frustrated eachother at the same time.

    Funny how opposites can attract



  4. Heather
    Mar 09, 2011 @ 04:46:59

    Deffinitely a big picture person natually. Get bogged down in the detail, depresses me. Saying that, I think you need both for balance. Have you ever worked with a team/project where they’re all thinking “big picture” and no one has thought through the detail till you’re meant to implement it? Very frustrating.


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