It’s FREE…really!

As I was driving home from an exhausting shopping trip a few days ago I saw a sign on the footpath that said

“FREE compliment with every coffee”

It was the word FREE that caught my eye otherwise I may have missed the sign altogether.  That got me thinking about the power of that word – why are we so attracted to things we can get for free?  We all know that nothing is really free…or is it?

If you think about the sign as an example of advertising a product and a service you can see that the coffee is the product and the free compliment is the service.  You pay for the coffee but the compliment (the service) really is free.  Here is a business that understands the difference between the product they sell and the service they offer.

I can go anywhere to get a coffee but I won’t necessarily get the level of service that the “free compliment” business is offering.  In a world where competition is high and product are really not that different the only way to stand out is through the service offered.  It costs nothing to provide awesome service to customers.

How does your company differentiate between their products and service?

How do you provide awesome service to your clients/customers?

What are you giving away free (in terms of service) with every product?



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