"The Matthew Technique"

He had a fantastic technique – he rushed over to me, asked my name and told me his (Matthew) and then the story began…

I’m talking about the very enthusiastic 24 year old (he told me his age) who signed me up to donate a weekly sum to the Red Cross in the shopping centre today. He had a way with words and a good dose of charm and he knew his facts…I was signed up before I knew it.

Matthew weaves a tale full of personal details, sadness, hope, love and change. He began with some information about himself, which included showing me a photo of himself dressed up as Cher (he looked quite good), assuring me he was quite comforable with his sexuality, described the tattoos he was getting on his chest, asked me about mine and then asked me lots of other questions about myself and finally launched into some statistics on obesity, children missing breakfast in Australia and child poverty. He then assured me I could help with these things because I looked like the kind of person who would want to help. After I was told how I could help, the device that took my details was whipped out and I was entered into the system. The entire interaction took 20 mins and ended with a hug (Matthew’s idea). I think he quite likes hugging people.

The point of this story is that by developing and using this storytelling sales technique (“The Matthew Technique”) Matthew has created a situation where I was drawn into his life and his story and I wanted to help. His enthusiasm for himself, for me and for the Red Cross and their work was infectious and I left feeling completely delicious and happier for the interaction.

I’ll bet Matthew is the Red Cross star seller because of his technique.

Was he genuine? Does it really matter? Was I totally sucked in by his charm? Yes I was and I knew exactly what he was doing the whole time but I was compelled to keep standing there and listen – he was just so interesting…

Are you as enthusiastic as Matthew?

What changes can you make to increase your enthusiasm about your life, your job, your universe?

How can you bring a little bit of sunshine into someone’s day?


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  1. Vanessa
    Nov 22, 2010 @ 13:39:30

    Judy, i love your work 🙂 are you watching that ABC show "Making Australia Happy"? It's pretty easy watching but a great way to remind ourselves of how to be content + get the most out of life! People like matthew i think do that too! Some of those bloody sales-people some of them are too good for their own good! Haha! I remember i donated $ OVER THE PHONE OF ALL PLACES! cause the lady was just so genuinely nice!Good feeling though!Vanessa


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