Un-Common Sense

What ever happened to good old fashioned common sense? It seems to have largely disappeared. Here is a recent example from my life that highlights a lack of common sense.

Bella’s (state) school has religious education once a week and parents were asked to sign a document stating whether they did or did not want their child involved. I signed the latter section. Now, I support the right of a person to have a belief or opinion (which doesn’t mean that I support their particular belief or opinion) In short, I chose for Bella to not be involved in the religious classes because we are not religious.

When I found out that the children who were not participating in the classes were actually sitting at the back of the class while the lesson was in progress I was quite concerned. I approached the teacher who suggested that it was only simple information that was being delivered, things like Christian values and stories and that I shouldn’t be worried.

If you had signed a document asking that your child be excluded from religious education then it follows that you must have a valid reason for doing that. Given that religion is a very personal thing, it could be reasoned that you don’t actually want your child involved at all. So, how is it OK to have them sit in the same room and hear what is being said???? Does that make (common) sense???

I have two theories about the lack of common sense and here they are:

1. Zero Care Factor – there is no common sense because there is no thought or feeling attached to the issue (my example fits here)

2. Chronic Need To Be Smart Factor – people are trying so hard to be so clever and think up really smart things to solve problems that they forget that solutions are often quite simple – common sense really. There is an interesting example of this factor in operation here and indeed in most organisations today.

The next time you make a decision or respond to a problem ask yourself this

“what would someone with common sense do?”

Your life will be easier…


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  1. Blasé
    Nov 05, 2010 @ 18:02:33

    ..it's getting worse.


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