My Own Soup Nazi Experience

One of my favourite episodes of Seinfeld is called “The Soup Nazi” You can watch it here.

It’s about a soup maker and shop owner who makes great soup but has horrible customer service skills. In other words, he’s got the product right but the service is all wrong.

I had my own Soup Nazi experience today at Dark Magik Tattoo (they don’t have a website). I went to get a recent tattoo reworked as I was not entirely happy with it. I phoned up and made my appointment and arrived 5 minutes early. The tattoo artist was working on someone elses tattoo when I arrived. When he finally came to talk to me I told him what I wanted in detail and his response…”I won’t do that” I emphasised that I wasn’t happy with the tattoo as it was and asked him again to make some minor changes to the existing tattoo. Again, he declined saying that it wouldn’t look right if he changed it. I gave it one more go but there was no way that he was going to change the tattoo at all. He would only agree to ink over one of the names I had tattooed previously.

So, I took my seat and waited another 45 minutes before he called me in! He actually served two customers before me who walked in off the street without an appointment. When I finally did take my seat he was ready with the colour he had chosen. I said that I preferred another colour and he suggested that the colour I chose would not look any good. Through determination, I got the colour I wanted!

As I was leaving he said if I wanted to come back he would be happy to do any new work for me but still wouldn’t touch up the existing work.

Do you think I will be going back?????

This is a perfect example of a business that is so focused on the product they forget about the service. Some businesses even think their product is their service. I can take my pick of any number of places with the same product but service is something that brings me back to a business again and again.

Does your organisation know the difference between product and service?

What quality of service do you offer your customers?

What quality of service do you receive as a customer?

How many other Soup Nazis are out there….


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Damon
    Nov 01, 2010 @ 06:51:03

    You think with Tattoo's the saying 'the customer is always right' would apply as it is their skin and choice….


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