When More is More

I recently bought some cosmetics online from a site called strawberrynet.com The site was recommended by a friend. They sell high end cosmetics for a fraction of the full price. When the cosmetics were delivered they came in a small box (pretty normal) but wrapped around the outside of the box was a beautiful purple ribbon! This is not so normal!

This reminded me of a quote I read recently in Coffee News that says

“When you do things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.” – George Washington Carver

It takes little effort to add something special to a gift or an interaction but when you do you not only stand out as different (in a good way) but you make someone’s day. I started thinking about how this might apply to business – imagine if every customer interaction had a little extra added (even if it was just an authentic smile) and every employee interaction included a compliment. It’s not hard to do.

I remember reading about a checkout operator in a food store in the US who places little notes in everyone’s grocery bags without them knowing. The notes say things like “have a great day”. A new coffee shop I recently discovered has a waiter that delivers all meals by saying “I hope you enjoy your meal” and he really means it. I ordered a professional video (OK it was a long time ago when videos were all you could get) and it came in a box with pink tissue paper carefully wrapped around it. These are the things that stand out, that are memorable and tell you the company or the person really cares.

When did you last show you really care about your customers?

What have you done to make someone’s day?

List the times you have delivered more…

Starting from today, look for ways to add more to interactions – you’ll be surprised at the results…


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