Have you lost your R’s??

Did you know that in this technological age, where social networking is so prevalent, there are three new R’s? They are

wRiting (blogs, enewletters, comments, posts, tweets etc etc)
Reading (the above)
Responding (to the above)

It struck me the other day how very good a lot of us are with the first R – it is so quick and easy to share your thoughts (via wRiting) today that everyone seems to have something to say.

The second R is interesting because with so much information out there I wonder how much we really read – I mean Really Read…I find myself skimming a lot in anticipation of the next piece of information I feel I need to look at quickly before I miss out on something really important.

I am most concerned with the final R – Responding. As I trawl through my social media updates, I find that most people who do respond to some sort of information do so by a click of the “like” link or by leaving a very short sentence agreeing with the original piece of information. It is rare to find a comment that disagrees or presents a different perspective.

I wonder why? Do we agree with each other all of a sudden? Are we only surrounding ourselves with people with whom we agree? From time to time, I leave comments that do disagree and the originator of the comment never responds to me. Does that mean that they haven’t bothered to read my comment, feel that they know more than me so why debate or are they too busy pushing out their next piece of information?

Has everybody lost their R’s???

In an effort to reclaim my R’s I am going to be more selective in what I Read so I can actually read an entire piece of information and I will only Respond with a click on the “like” link if I really, really like the comment and I will keep offering a different perspective when it is relevant. Even if no one is listening!

What are you going to do?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Damon
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 06:34:38

    I like this!


  2. Damon
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 06:37:08

    But seriously, great article Judy! With so much content to choose information overload is simply filter failure. Pick a few good sources of information and have fellow networks send you on or tweet interesting articles. I'm trying to focus on more output of content then the constant input of content. It's an interesting and challenging struggle!


  3. Rachel
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 10:02:28

    Judy, I like this too! I think that social media is so new, it isn't really clear what the rules are. So it feels easier to stick with the safe option of a thumbs up.


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