But…it’s not about YOU!

I have heard three different stories about the same topic in the last few weeks.

The story goes that a new person is employed by a company because they possess the knowledge, skills and attributes that are required. It’s not long after joining the company and hitting a few wins that another person (normally their immediate supervisor) starts to question their ability, make ominous remarks or become openly hostile.


This new employee is doing their job, doing it very well in fact so what is going on?

Do you know what I think it is? I think that just because someone has risen through the ranks does not make them a well rounded person with robust self esteem and an open mind. So, when they come across a direct report who just might know more than them they let fear take over and start acting like a spoilt child as they work hard to maintain their position of authority.

How much easier would it be to work with this new person instead of against them? To join forces to make the organisation truly fabulous. Why not make it about the other person and the organisation instead of themselves?

So, are you clear when it is and isn’t about you? What would you do if you weren’t afraid of people who are more capable than you?

Build a band of followers with your behaviour, not adversaries.


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