Delivering Happiness Launched Today!

I received a double delivery of happiness a week or so ago. It arrived in a UPS bag and was left at the front door. The contents of the UPS bag were two complimentary and identical books that I had “sort of” won in a competition.

The book is called “Delivering Happiness” and is the first book written by Tony Hsieh, the CEO of As part of my responsibilities in accepting two complimentary books, I have the fabulous task of writing a review of the book on my blog. So, here goes…

The purpose of the book, as described by Tony Hsieh, is to “contribute to a happiness movement to help make the world a better place”. He has gone some of the way to achieve that purpose by providing a very practical look at how to incorporate happiness into a business model and create a profitable and personable organisation.

I have long been interested in as an organisation that has “got it” when it comes to culture, values and people practices, so it was really exciting for me to be able to read about the company from the head guy himself. For this reason, I especially enjoyed the second half of the book where the focus is on

Stand outs for me are the 10 core values along with how they permeate every aspect of both personal lives and the company, from hiring to firing! The honest, open communication style that Tony exhibits with his employees is something to be seen (he includes examples of emails sent to all employees) and the value that is placed on innovation and doing things differently (there are no scripts or timed calls in the call centre) I also really enjoyed the quotes, tweets, stories by Zappos employees and other examples of happiness at work that are sprinkled throughout the book

The final sections of the book concentrate on the science of positive psychology and present 3 happiness frameworks and then parallel personal and business happiness models. I’m not sure why these were left to the end of the book to discuss as they are so much a part of the way Tony operates.

The success of the book, I think, lies in its ability to take the concept of happiness and apply it to a business model. There are a number of books on the market that talk about personal happiness but avoid examining happiness in a business context. Delivering Happiness not only applies this discussion to business, it allows us to see inside the very successful and provides insight into how that model can be emulated in other businesses.

If you are wondering what happened to the second book I received, I can let you know that I gave it away as a prize at a learning session I recently facilitated. Tia was very happy to win the book and I know she will read it and probably write a review when she has finished the thousand assignments she has due!

For more information on Delivering Happiness check out the links below…


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