Facing Fear

Have you ever met Fear?

I have come face to face with Fear the last few days and she’s a strange beast. She doesn’t speak the truth, she’ll do anything to look good in front of superiors, she uses big words to hide her real feelings and she doesn’t want me around anymore.

I’m called Ethics. I speak the truth to power, I speak the truth to people, I am really clear about my feelings, I am not driven by what others think of me and I like being around me!

When Fear and Ethics clash, unfortunately, it looks like Fear has won. However, that’s only in the short term. Longer term, everyone knows that Ethics is the real winner.

Ethics goes on to take their brand with them and change people’s lives for the better, whilst Fear crawls back into her hole and hides and if she does change lives it is usually for the worst.

It’s not easy being Ethics especially when there are lots of Fears around. The challenge is to never, ever let Fear get the better of you. Stand up and face Fear. She will back off every time.

Who are you in your life – Ethics or Fear?


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