Virtually Out of Control!

I’ve been without internet access for the past three days due to a cable outage. I feel like I am having a life outage at the same time!

This situation has made me realise how much of my life is lived online. How did I get so dependent on this online world…what happened?? It is scary to think that I struggle to fill the hours when I cannot access the Internet, my Blog, my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and my email. I really felt completely left out of the loop.

What I was able to do while my online life was on hold was to catch up on my reading (that’s the type of reading you hold in your hand, not the type you read on a screen) and have long conversations with my partner and I really started to enjoy these things.

Now that I am back online (as of about 20 minutes ago) I am going to work at balancing my online life with my offline life so that when either goes down I am not scratching at the walls. I’ll start by putting aside a set amount of time each day to involve myself in my online activities. When my partner gets home, I am going to be totally offline so we can spend time together.

So, how much of your life is lived online? What would you do if one day your online world stopped working? What can you do today to improve the balance between both worlds????

Let’s move beyond “virtually out of control” to a place where we are “virtually in control”!


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