Your Passion Is Your Brand

I love visiting my local bookshop. I love it for a number of reasons; I love books, I love shopping, I love spending money and most of all I love the customer service I get at the bookshop.

It doesn’t matter what time of day or night I visit the bookshop, or which staff are working, I consistently get the same level of service. I’ve been thinking about what makes this bookshop different from others that I go to and I think the answer is … passion!

The people that work there are all passionate about books and you can tell that by the way they interact with their customers. They leave the front desk and wander the shelves asking if anyone needs any help in choosing a book. They can do this confidently because they really know their product and they care about their customers.

How often do you go into a shop and look at a staff member who has a face like thunder and an attitude like lightning?? You get the feeling they would be happier watching paint dry! Why do so many people end up doing jobs they have no passion for? I know you are thinking that you have to make a living and you can’t always have what you want. If that is true then why not make the absolute most of the job you have to have until you find the one you are passionate about? If you have to work at Woolworths on the checkout, then be the best check out operator you can be and find your passion in that role.

Otherwise, leave the job you hate and find a job you love…life is short…find your passion and live it in everything you do…build your brand based on your passion and you might just change the world.

If you are still unsure, check out the fabulous book by Gary Vaynerchuk called “Crush It”


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