React or Attract?

When we encounter a fearful situation we tend to either stay and fight or take flight – our brains are wired that way. I have decided to apply this principle to my interactions with people.

Here’s how it will work. When I meet someone who has a totally different world view than me I’m going to react by saying “that’s interesting” and then I will politely excuse myself (ie take flight) and make sure that I avoid future contact with that person.

Similarly, when I meet someone who has a similar world view to me I will engage in conversation and do anything I can to fight for their attention, to attract them and engage them in conversation.

Harsh? Perhaps but when you consider the amount of energy it takes to engage with someone who is literally on a different plant from you, doesn’t it make sense to channel that energy instead into something or someone that enriches your life? Your energy is precious.

I’m not talking about minor disagreements (ie flats over heels…although…) I’m referring to people who have major moral and ethical differences in their worldview and want to engage in a conversation or debate around these differences. I’m not doing it anymore!

I’m interested in attracting like minded people into my tribe (see Seth Godin’s book) where conversation can lead to enrichment and change. After all, life is so much more attractive when you attract and surround yourself with people just like you!

Who is in your Tribe? Are they enriching your life? Are you enriching theirs?


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