The Plus Principle

I’ve writtten about the education system before and it seems to be at the top of my vent list at the moment!

A few days ago I had a parent teacher interview with my daughter’s year 2 teacher. To cut a long and painful story short, Bella is bored at school and feels that the work is not challenging. I communicated this to the teacher who responded with a remark that Bella could improve on areas within her current work. When I inquired as to what these areas were, the teacher showed me an example of Bella’s maths sums. She pointed to one that was written in this format:


I thought that looked OK – 7 + 2 does equal 9. But no, the issue was that Bella had placed the + sign in the incorrect spot. It needed to go under the line not above it. Ah I thought, the Plus Principle…

In a world where creativity and innovation, leadership and problem solving are skills that are paramount for our children to become contributing adults, I find it difficult to come to terms with the importance of where the plus sign is placed.

Seth Godin says that you have to accept the fact that school is the place you send your children to learn to play and socialise with others and the real life skills you have to teach at home.

I am happy to say that the Plus Principle does not exist in our minds or our home and I hope your minds and homes are plus free zones as well. Perhaps the education system will one day catch up with the world it is educating our children to take part in.


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