Who do you blame?

Social networking is in the news again. This time it appears that some young people have used FB as a tool to talk about one of their teachers in a very unfavourable way.

Everyone is up in arms, the school administration, the parents, the children and the government as they all scrabble around to find a solution to this issue.

So, who is to blame? Who takes responsibility for the use or misuse of social networking sites?

The government would have us believe that the creator of FB needs to step up and address this issue, the parents think the school is responsible and the kids probably don’t really care much.

I wonder if anyone is actually teaching young people about social networking etiquette? Didn’t we once raise our children to be aware of and practice appropriate social skills? Why are we not then addressing the issue of social networking skills in our homes and schools.

The world has changed but people are still basically the same, we can all talk about other people in less than favourable ways. The difference is that what used to be a note passed in class or a whisper at the office water cooler is now a post on FB, or a video on YouTube or a text. Private comments have gone public.

As technology develops at an alarming pace, parents and schools need to be one step ahead of not only the technology but how our children are using it.


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