Where has all the fun gone?

I happened to be at my local bookshop yesterday at the same time as storytime for the 3-5 year olds.

Around 9.50am the children started to arrive and there was lots of noise, excitement and anticipation as parents whispered “only 10 minutes to go’.

Puppets and books were brought out and the children literally ran to the storytime spot in the childrens’ section. It was delightful to see and hear.

It got me thinking…when do we lose that ability to be spontaneously thrilled? Why as adults, do we feel we must be more reserved than our young children? Why do we behave so seriously? What are we afraid of?Where has all the fun gone?

Next time you are out, pick up that fabulous pair of shoes (or whatever does if for you), pat them, cuddle them and squeal out loud with delight at their beauty.

One of my favourite authors, Ben Zander, says “sit in the front row of your life and participate”. I say, get up on the stage and be fabulous!

Because…you are!


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