Social Networking

During an extended break from work I logged onto FaceBook with the intention of reconnecting with the site and with friends. Over time I found myself addicted to the site and would check it countless times during the day. It all got horribly out of control. FB was running my life!

Today I removed myself from FB to enable me to get my life back!

I have been thinking about social networking sites and wondering what they are really all about. It seems to me, from my experience, that if you talk mostly about yourself and keep any posts very lightweight you are OK. However, as soon as you buy into the need to respond to posts that you disagree with you step into dangerous territory and run the risk of committing FB suicide.

Is there value in hooking up with people who you haven’t seen for a long time? If you really , really valued them wouldn’t you have kept in touch with them? Is it more meaningful to connect with people virtually or face to face (where you can)?

Personally, I think that social networking sites are less about the social and more about the self…


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  1. Nakedleader
    Feb 14, 2010 @ 08:58:51

    You are very smart and very beautiful!


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